Never Get so Busy Making a Living You Forget to Make a Life“† Sometimes you just have to hop off the hamster wheel and really ask yourself what am I doing (no Drake), and better yet ask why.I’ll spare you the details of how I arrived to †this place of questioning and just give all credit to the†aforementioned†quote.These were the thought starters that spawned


So, who am I? (No existential shit †found here.)


Hey there! By profession Iím an Integrated Marketing/Sponsorship Manager. Pretty much I develop custom content for advertisers, and execute sold programs. This can range from broadcast, mobile, digital and on event integrations. Iíve worked with awesome brands at my tenure at larger media companies and at start-ups.†If youíre interested in working with me see the Services†page. On the personal side I love all things that filter †through travel, food, & culture. Carnivals, music festivals, fitness retreats, obstacle races, trying new cuisine,supporting wildlife are just a snippet of how I like to utilize my time. † is a merger of my personal and professional pursuits. So with all that said WELCOME!