Football and cricket were the only sports that was played  in my house  growing up. I didn’t care for cricket so needless to say football(soccer) is my favorite sport ever. Even though I follow teams throughout the year, the World Cup is the only time where I can say that I get maniac crazy for the sport. It’s the only event that truly brings out the the good, the bad and the ugly. I even shed tears and as many of you know I don’t cry at all. Anyway, I’ve been realistically hoping to attend the world cup since junior year of high school (2006). While watching the Trinidad- England (F*ck you Peter Crouch) match I  vowed that I’d go to South Africa in 2010. 2010 came around and I was still stateside on June 11. Eff  you College. 


Anyway this time around I’m not in school , and I have the flexibility to ensure that this event is crossed off my 2014 bucketlist.   I say all that, to say this,  if you’re planning to go or know anyone that’s interested in going send me an email stat! (


If you’ve been world cup dreaming, or just want to be in Brazil for summer 2014, and stay within a decent budget let’s make it happen!