Tis is the season! There are a lot of you gearing up to fly to Trinidad for Carnival. Packing can be stressful especially when organizing a trip of this magnitude. (Pro Tip: I make a list of all the things I have to buy then pack at least 3 hours before my flight. That way I never forget anything). Here are a few essentials that you absolutely NEED to secure in your suitcase before you jump into that cab to the airport.

1) Print outs- Print out of EVERYTHING …all Carnival related correspondence. Reciepts of fete ticket purchases, mas pick up info/ payment emails, vacation rental correspondence with the hotel/ realtor, copies of you passport …be prepared for everything


1a) Google map print out of your destination- This one is more  so for the newbies that are utilizing taxis at Piarco Airport. Cab driver across the world are shady for the most part.So have a good idea of where you’re going and fake it like you been to Trinidad before if they ask  lol


2)Mas &  J’ouvert Shoesss-  Forget to pack your heels? That’s fine. Triple check that you have your mas boots/sneakers. Trust me you don’t want to go through the harass of having to deal with Trini traffic going to Gulf City or Long Circular mall. Sure you can go into Town but yea just trust me on this one don’t forget your mas boots.


3) Insoles Insole Insoles- You’re going to be jumping up for 8 hours straight or more depending on your band. Protect those soles while you’re reveling. To my girls that wear heels on the road without switching, I salute you. That’s a feat I’d never attempt.


4) Setting  Spray- For my ladies who will be looking beat to capacity on Carnival Monday and Tuesday make sure that you have a setting spray to delay the onset of perspiration. When you touch the road with a  combined mix of  hot sun and liquor  trust and believe your make up will begin to run. Dab lightly because you must remain looking beat because those cameras will be flashing. You’re going to sweat sooner or later, but let your make up last a little while longer and use some setting spray. I highly recommend Ben Nye’s Final Seal spray. On the flipside don’t worry about make up too much. Take  some time to flex for the ‘Gram. Once the flexing is over, makeup schmakeup, it’s time to get on stink!


5)Wet Wipes- Wet wipes are sooo clutch. It’s the go to proetectant from the perspiration. If you feel iffy about using them on the road,  use them at your band’s rest stop. Around that time of the day people start to smell a little frowsy anyway. You don’t want to that sexy boy / girl smelling a little off.  So make sure you have a pack in your bag.


6)Ziplock bags- Some girls opt to wear cross body bags while other opt to just carry a ziploc bag. Ziploc bags come in  handy in case it’s raining or if  the bartender spill liquor on your phone as the  Drinks truck begins to pull off.


7)Contacts- If you wear contact  I can’t stress enough to bring back ups just in case. Sometimes powder, and paint gets in your eyes *cough Caesar’s Army Am.Bush* and you lenses doesn’t quite feel the same afterward.


 8)Safety Pins- Ladies, they come in so handy for little road malfunctions. Let’s be for real as the day goes by from all that wining and wukkking up feathers from your headpiece begin to fall, and beads on your costume may begin to fall. Bring these just incase
9)Bobby pins- Buy the jumbo 40 pack at the beauty supply store. You’re going to need it to help secure your headpiece.

10) Nail Stuff- Whether you’re wearing a gel mani, acrylic tips make sure to bring a nail repair kit. Your nail polish most likely  get chipped from feteing.


11) Sunblock sunblock sunblock- Because a peeling nose/ skin is sooo not sexy.


Last but not least if you’re really into your costume and want to keep those feather crisp invest in some fletch powder just incase it rains. If you don’t care you can skip it. My headpiece was soaked in the rain one year and it held up pretty well despite Mother Nature.


Get on wassi but most importantly be safe.