My friend sent me a link  to Miss Travel to gauge my reaction,all morals aside I thought why didn’t I think of that!  Miss Travel brands itself as the “#1 Travel Dating website”  basically if you’re a pretty you can fly to exotic locations and luxuriate in 5 star resorts…’FOR FREE.’ Miss Travel boasts that their clientele consists of bankers, entrepreneurs, doctors, etc. that loves to entertain women/men that share their passion for travel.

CEO Brandon Wade suggest this site is for the ‘lonely business man. ‘ I’m going to be blunt for the rest of this article (Hey there HR, future potential employers don’t use this against me, ok? Ok great :) The lonely business man? Does such a thing exists? Speaking from observation, sure these men may be lonely in the sense that they are not in long term relationships but lonely as in they don’t have “young attractive companions”?  HA! Wealthy men of status usually have a roster of women, who rotate in and out of their lives.

Even though the site “doesn’t welcome escorts”  their brand position sounds like highbrow prostitution. Just calling a spade a spade. Yea you’re probably saying “it’s only prostitution if she let’s him bone, why can’t a girl date, and if a trip comes out of it then so be it.”  I don’t know what man will spend over 5,000 on a trip, for a girl he DOES NOT  know, and will expect absolutely nothing in her return other than great conversation. Let’s get real here, after 3 or more dates, the average Joe is hoping that it “goes somewhere.” It’s in a man’s DNA.


If you’re a  rich lonely man and you want to buy some company then so be it. I’m not here to scold anyone or judge their life choices. My main problem with this site is the lack of security. Young college grad whisked away by a Wall Street CEO winds up dead in Prague. It’s like The Day that Changed my life episode waiting to write itself. All pessimism aside, if the  young attractive girl wants to flitter off into the sunlight, just be safe dear. Make wise decisions, follow your intuition, if you think  the guy is skeevy, flee the premises ASAP.  If it takes you a year of dating before you go to St.Barths then so be it. But I suppose waiting a year defeats the purpose of Miss Travel’s  frequent flyer incentive program. Dah well, just be smart young girl whoever you may be!


SB:I’m about to make a fake account see what kind of folks are trolling around Miss Travel . Investigative journalism and ish, update to follow.!