The month of June marks Caribbean American  Heritage Month! So if you’re in the NYC area and what to get in touch with your heritage, here are some events you can check out!


Carnival Costume Workshop – Learn how to create costumes, play steelpan, and the history behind the traditions


Steelpan workshop- Ever wanted to learn how to play the steelpan , alto, double second? Sign up! As a youngin I learned how to play Lean on Me on the double tenor, shout out to my daycamp 



June 19th

Pan Jazz at Lincoln Center


June 26

Cari-Fest Summer Sizzler at Lincoln Terrace Part, Buffalo Ave & Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY |RSVP to 718 953‐3097


June 30

Cultural Presentation and Symposium  at Brooklyn Borough Hall

10:AM-7PM The event is FREE and open to the public.



Quick quiz which two islands are celebrating their 50th independence anniversary?

Leave your answers below…..for your chance to  win 2 free bottles of JWB (just kidding)