Once I make a decision I’m pretty much set in my ways and there’s nothing that you can tell me to think otherwise. The summer of 2013  I decided that I must attend the World Cup in Rio. A few people tried to dissuade and tell me to skip out on this because of the political unrest in Brazil. These days it seems like every nation is going through some sort of unrest but people still travel. A close friend  sent me a link to the recent protests in Rio along with a barrage  of social ills of how the government are displacing citizens to make  to accommodate the influx of tourist that will be coming into Rio  June 2014. Riots, schmiots.


In November 2013  FIFA accepted my lottery bid for July 4th quarter-final match tickets. Words cannot begin to describe my excitement when I read that email.  Unfortunately the folks who initially expressed interest in this World Cup trip to  Rio informed me that they were no longer able to attend  for various reasons (approval on vacation dates, finances etc.). I’ve always had a travel buddy and I genuinely feel like I’ve reached a level of maturity where I don’t mind taking a solo international trip. I was trying to be on my eat pray love ish.


Recently I really buckled down and began planning. Researching everything from currents event in Rio, to the neighborhoods of my potential vacation rentals. I’ve even spoke with a few Rio residents and the share  the same concern as my close friends and family: do not go to Rio alone.


As stubborn as I am at times, I just may have to take this L. Who knows if I go it alone, it may be completely pleasant and incident  free experience. However given the current situation in Brazil each day I’m growing more and more hesitant. It may be wise that I visit when the cities won’t be so chaotic. Then there’s a part of me that feels like I was destined to go (hello I won tickets to a quarter final match!). The last thing I’d want is a negative experience at an event that I’ve been longing to attend since I was eight years old. No doubt it’ll sully my attitude towards the country and even the beautiful game.


I say all that to say this…sometimes in life we have to know when to throw in the towel, take the L and walk away. Of course I’m not saying I’m ready to give up yet. The fun is in trying.