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It’s only February and you’re probably thinking I’m too hasty with this proclamation.However I doubt there will be another fête in Brooklyn, Toronto, Miami, Barbados,London, wherever whenever that will rival the EPICNESS  that is AM.BUSH! Well unless there’s another AM.BUSH in any of those locations. 

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C’est La Vie…the fête that never was

Machel at Tribe Ignite

I know I have been M.I.A. for a while please excuse me but Life happened (I’ll detail all the ‘happenence’ in another post). From here on out I promise to update content frequently … when and if life permits (you know I had to put a caveat in there lol). But anyway, I really came back to tell you all that if Trinidad Carnival is not on your bucketlist-YOU NEED TO ADD IT NOW!

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Winter Getaway: Jamaica

7 Mile Beach

 The winter months can be some of THE most stressful times of the year! Cold weather, work induced stress, and  the feeling that you never have enough time in the day is enough to make you to take advantage of  the Groupon’s travel offers. Friend to the blog and digital advertising executive, Jonathan Bates recently traveled to Jamaica and decided to share  highlights of his vacation.

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Young Forever: Jay-Z at Barclays Center


Brooklyn we did it!!!

September 30 2011-Barclay’s Center-  I was consumed with an overwhelming amount of pride. Proud because this was a historic occasion for my hometown. Proud because Shawn Corey Carter,  the man who once had a stash house on 550 State St. is responsible for bringing a basketball team to Brooklyn! Each night during the concert series at Barclays center  9,000 people  not only made history  but left  the arena inspired to tap into their genius level talent as Jay so eloquently puts it.

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